Your associates are the lifeblood of your practice. You should always want your associates to operate at peak efficiency to ensure they provide a top quality service for your clients.

Thus, looking after your associates is key to ensure they can deliver that top quality service. Let’s take a look at 4 tips on how you can properly train your associates to become a world class workforce.

1) Hold Weekly Mentoring Sessions With Your Associates

The first tip I have for you is to make sure you have weekly mentoring sessions with your associates. At Blue Cow, we like to break down our mentoring sessions into 4 weeks. This was how we structured our 4-week sessions:

Week 1

This was our monthly meeting in which every team member that was part of a project would attend.

We would inform them of everything going on in the practice, and we would also do housekeeping in which we’d advise them of promotions, the numbers of the month (in relation to the targets we’ve set), and the other key performance indicators and metrics of the business we were keeping track of.

We would also vote on the team member of the month which was a great way to recognise the hard work of those who have earned it.

Week 2

Our personal team was rather large, so we would separate our clinical team from our non-clinical team. With each team, we focused on the things that mattered to them individually.

Week 3

On week three, we always do a clinical case for the entire team. This process involved reading out a case and everyone on the team would walk through the entire treatment plan. That included examining the patient’s history, findings, x-rays, and what we recommended for them. Then we’d discuss what our diagnosis was and the subsequent care plan. This process was important because it gave the whole team real insight into what we actually did in our practice on a daily basis.

Week 4

During week 4, we once again focused on housekeeping in that we allowed each team member to voice their opinions.

We couldn’t implement every recommendation, but it was enough that we allowed everyone to voice what was on their minds. It made them want to work that much harder on the project because they felt their input mattered. 

2) Hold Quarterly Strategy Days

The second tip is to hold quarterly two-day strategy sessions that we called Strategy Days. We conducted these strategy days to bring the team together so that we could work on a multitude of issues within the business.

We would work on our list, our communication, our leadership, and our clinical skills. It was very beneficial for all parties involved.

We would spend a day and half learning, and then during the afternoon of the second day, we would go off for a team building activity. It was a great way for us to bond as teammates which in turn allowed us to work tighter as a cohesive unit in the workplace.

3) Observation And Technique

One way to quickly train up new associates is with observation and technique. This entails  allowing newer associates to follow you around to observe what you’re doing with your patients.

They can view how you’re adjusting them, how you communicate with them and ultimately how you have mastered the ability to build a busy list and help people get well and stay that way for the long term.

I’ve had many associates go through obs and tech, as I like to call it, and I can attest to the fact that it’s one of the most effective ways to teach your team members how things work in your practice.

4) Invest In Your Team

Lastly, invest in your team. Make sure they have everything they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Get them mentoring so they’re in the right place mentally as they come into work every day.

At Blue Cow we have an excellent associate programme we’ve recently launched, and I’m proud of everything it has to offer.

I’m excited knowing there’s going to be practice owners in our universe who are going to invest in their team and make them into a world-class workforce.


If you want to have a successful practice, you need to take care of your associates to the best of your ability.

Implement these four steps in your practice and don’t be surprised if you notice a change in the way your associates approach their work as they transform into a world class workforce.  

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