Quality control and team presentation are two fundamental elements that every practice should master. Here are a couple of tips which I think are very useful when you’re pursuing this purpose.

Quality Control

The first thing that I like to check when I go and do a practice review is the quality control. While we think it may not matter, it really does.

If you have weeds outside your practice, dirt on the floor, lights that don’t work, and cigarette butts littered everywhere, expect to leave a negative first impression on your clients. Thus, when I’m drafting up a quality control checklist, I always encompass both the outside and inside of the building.

Make sure you have team members who clean the window ledges on the outside of your practice. Also have them sweep outside and ensure the walkway leading up to your practice is free of rubbish.

Something I’ve noticed in many of the practices I’ve visited all over the world is the lack of quality control in the restroom. Rest assured that quality control in the toilet area isn’t just vital, it’s a necessity. Think about what you can do to keep this area nice and pristine.

Think five stars, folks! Don’t have people dry their hands with some old towel full of holes. Bring out the best of the best! You don’t want your bathroom to just look presentable. You want it to look immaculate!

I also like to suggest keeping your bathrooms bright and airy, giving it a feeling of freshness. Another issue I run into often is all manner of signage. Ensure that your signage is posted with intention.

Maybe add some deodorants, or whatever you feel is really nice for your guests to have. A little sign saying “Please help yourselves” really does go a long way. It also helps to have some sanitary wear for women, so again just have a little think about what fits in the vibe of your practice.

Team Presentation

Just as importantly, your team should look uniform and neat. This too goes a long way. It’s all about presentation. Thus, the uniforms of your teammates shouldn’t look crinkly and their shoes should be spit polished.

If your team looks scruffy, not only will it affect the first impression you leave upon a customer, but it also affects your credibility as a respectable practice.

Don’t leave these things to chance. Make sure your team knows exactly what your uniform is, and how you want them to look when they show up to work.


Quality control and team presentation may sound simple, but they make a massive difference to the vibe of your practice. If  you want to be world-class, you can’t leave these things to chance.

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